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The story itself ended up being completly different to how I planned it to be. It was going to be a bit like the film Memento but half way through & some feedback later it got a bit confusing even for me I guess & so I made it about two very different people.

You'll have to excuse the lack of too much details, it isn't that I'm lazy but I really did just need to finish it off after spending time away from it. I promise to make upo for that with a new story I'll start writing later this week which I'm going to try my best at detailed writing something i've never been that good at to be honest.

I'll add a brief conclusion at the end & again thanks for reading people.

Cause For Concern

Chapter 1: Birds of Prey

I woke up in a sweat. I looked around the room but it was still dark, I hated the silence at night time so my radio was still on, I could barely hear it. At that moment I noticed I wasn't alone in my bed, in the dark I made out a female person's shape. What happened during the day before? I thought it didn't really matter right now & as the 4AM news came on the radio I fell back into a deep sleep.


It was morning & as the sun shot through the window I was standing next to the lift waiting for my target, my target or bird of prey as I liked to call her was 5'6, light brown hair, nice cleavage & the rest. I wasn't really interested in all that though, it didn't matter what she looked like just that she was 1st to die. I had decided this as soon as I saw her leave the party with him, he had everything I didn't & when she left his place, as much as she was probably a one night stand & would never see him again, I'd make sure of it, permanently.

She came out at 6:55AM precisely which was perfect. I called the lift, & timed it like clock work she asked if I could hold it for her as she started to walk faster barely even noticed me, no decency at all like I was there just to hold the lift for HER. I calmed myself as I shouldn't get to angry yet, that can wait. I needed to stay calm until we were in the parking lot.

When the lift got down into the parking lot are, the doors opened & I let her go 1st & again not even a thank you or smile, her attitude would change in a minute or two. She got to her car, I was behind the car in the shadows just as she entered the car I struck stabbing her in the neck with a needle, it would leave her out of it for a good few hours. Time to plan my next move.

Chapter 2: The Idiot Within.

When I woke it was morning, I could hear the birds outside. As I showered someone on the radio was talking about Global Warming, who gave a shit, live for now was my motto & I encouraged others around me to do the same, if they didn't they were gone from my select group I didn't need to negative people around me.

I went over to my computer & looked on the interweb at the Entertainment section on Yahoo. There was a picture of me (dressed in a Armani Suit, looking a bit out of it but happy) outside The Rising Phoenix with the next big thing in music "The Damsels". You'd think that they would know they wouldn't stay famous for that long but like all new music artists on my record label Shining Stars they hung around me like flies often wanting my approval. I'd give them a month & see what kind of music they produced before deciding if they were worth investing heavily in or to just let them sink into oblivion.

I then went back into my bedroom & at that moment I remembered the girl from the night before, she was no longer in the bed did I dream it? I'd find her details later, they were probably on my Motorola mobile phone, I picked it up & went through my address book, I didn't recognise any of the girls names as being new, oh well I'd check later at the office right now it didn't really matter I needed to get to work in a hurry for a meeting.

I left the apartment at 9AM & went down to the parking lot, It wasn't to busy, everyone had left for work already, the stress they were under compared to me was probably unbearable, I was so glad I didn't work 9 to 5 work days. As I left the parking lot I noticed two police cars coming my way & I panicked, I don't know why but who doesn't panic around the police? As I went past them in a hurry & down Culvert Road I wondered why they were heading into the parking lot.

As I drove to work I took a De Tour of the local areas best wooded land. I parked up in a lay by, young guys probably took there girlfriends here for some privacy, its a shame I'd have to ruin that by what I was about to do. I got out of the car & put my gloves on, I opened the boot, saw that the female was still out of it before removing her out of the boot & then while holding her up, slashing her throat. She died instantly, Couldn't have happened to a nicer person I thought as I left her there near the woods, easy for someone to find I was late for work.

Chapter 3: Fun At Work

I arrived at work around half 9ish, it didn't take to long & the roads were fairly clear. I parked the car in my private parking spot & headed inside past security & reception. Before Haley could even tell me anything I shut her up with a motion of silence & then went into the lift but before it closed I told her to bring any messages up in about 10 minutes because I needed to get organised before the meeting started.

The meeting was with well known super model & soon to be top earning singer Layla I wasn't really bothered who she was or what she did, just that she made me buckets of money in the process. As I was setting up my office for the meeting I got a call from Haley in reception, someone was here to see me, they said it was urgent & made themselves sound important. I told them to send him up.

Two minutes later I heard a knock on the door, I said "Come on in" & what I can only describe as a well dressed, mid to late 20's average Joe of a guy walked into the office. He told me his name was Joe (at this point I smirked at my observation before hand) while shaking his hand, I had forgot about the interview for a trainee PR runaround for the company & that's why he was here, he wanted the job.

Joe told me he had followed my career for awhile & even went to the same clubs as me by coincidence & made a lame joke about having the same taste in music. I decided to give the guy a trial run & I said to come back tomorrow morning opening time, he could help Haley with the mail any messages left for me. He went on his way eager to please, he told me he would be back tomorrow before anyone else arrives. What a smug prat but he reminded me of myself.

I left the work place & got into my car, I was to return tomorrow as planned but I got a call on my Motorola mobile, my mum wanted me to pick up the shopping for her, I said fine & hung up the phone. I had to plan my next move tomorrow, I knew one thing about my plan though, the receptionist Haley would be next but I'd make this one more of a challenge & more entertaining, she was quite attractive so I might as well have some fun 1st anyway.

Chapter 4: The Police

I arrived back home around 7PM & there was another party tonight but I wanted a clear head & anyway, someone was coming around later that I needed to meet up with. I parked the car & went up to my apartment number 7 in the building complex. I was just about to turn the key but heard someone call my name so I turned quickly & someone in a long coat was flashing his badge at me, a police officer by the name of Detective John Osborne, he asked if he could have a word with me & ask me a few things about something that took place recently in the area, I said fine why not I didn't fancy a trip to the police station.

We went into the front room of the apartment & I told him he may sit down & I did after him, I then asked what this was all about, he said it involved a body they had found earlier today, when I asked how did it involve me at all, he said they had found my business card in the pocket of her jacket. My mind went into overdrive, was this the woman in my bed from the night before? I wasn't about to tell the already suspicious police officer that, so instead in my most convincing voice I told him I gave out my card all the time, after all I was the owner of one of the biggest home grown record labels of course women wanted to get to know me.

He seemed to accept my excuse but something was still suspicious about how he was acting, he said he had to follow up other leads & just before I thought it was over & there was nothing left to say he told me that her car was still parked in the parking lot below & hinted again at me if she had been with me the night before. I again said no before wishing him all the best, he said he might return later & if I remember anything to let him know immediately while shoving a card in my hand of how to reach him.

Stephen was late, it had reached 9PM already & he still was nowhere to be seen, didn't he want to do business with me today or ever again? Just as I was about to leave for the night I heard a knock on the door I opened it & there was Stephen, he said he was in a rush & gave me the bag straight away so I inspected what was inside & made sure it was what I wanted before paying him the £100 he demanded, I told him this stuff better work as good as last time before telling him I'd need one more delivery in 2 days time & as he looked at me in shock I made an excuse & it was for a party I was having, he agreed & said he would be round in 2 days time before I closed the door.

Afterwards I emptied the bags contents on the table, new syringes & needles as well as enough drugs to last a very long time, i was happy, with the rest in 2 days I would have enough for my final plan to come together, There was still Haley in reception but after that the main plan would come into play, I then remembered I'd have to deal with Stephen, I didn't want to make the mistake of leaving anything behind to incriminate me.

Chapter 5: The Mind Of A Genius.

I woke at around 6AM the next day, still tired & not full of energy as the previous 2 days I lay in bed & examined my life so far. I was semi famous, I had every gadget I ever wanted, I owned some of the best designer suits available, I had a string of beautiful girlfriends & anything a guy could ever want but I felt as always that something was missing. Something that I needed but never really got from my materialistic objects & women.

I then thought of anything left I wanted to achieve, nothing came to mind apart from a family, I craved the love of a family & wondered how long I could do the whole bachelor thing without getting bored & fighting the need to settle down with someone for life. I then turned the TV on & watched Sky News in the hope that I'd forget all about the doubts going around my head.

When I arrived at work, Haley was just opening up, good I thought, I now had the best chance in the World to implement my grand plan for the day. While she looked at all the messages & marked them all on importance, I checked the phone's answering machine & noted down all the messages. Most of them wanted to have an interview or wanted to know what address to send a demo or CV too.

After we both finished, I made tea for us both & we talked a bit, well she talked a lot about what she did outside of work while I nodded my head & said yes & no occasionally, I then saw my opportunity & asked if she wanted to go out tomorrow sometime, I said I was really interested in all the amazing things she talked about & would love for her to show me around as I was quite shy around people & needed someone to show me around & introduce me to people she knew.

She was very happy to do that for me & part of me was riled that I had somehow changed my plans just like that at the last minute, dealing with Stephen & Haley in the same time frame might be hard work after all, damn it. Again though I shouldn't let myself get complacent & I knew
everything would fall into place regardless.

Chapter 6: Artist Unknown

The music studio was getting to me. The air conditioning wasn't working & there were about 10 people in there all with varied interests in the new latest singer. Shit I was there & had to be, if I didn't show an interest in Layla someone else would have signed her & I would have been looking like an idiot when she became a World wide success.

After what seemed like a day doing vocal chords with different producers & trying out new sounds she finished up for the day & finally came out of the recording booth, at least I knew she wasn't messing about & was taking all of this seriously. She then surprised me again after she took a copy of the recordings she had just done & said if she wanted I could keep a copy to let promotion people listen to & to give them an idea of what her sound would be.

It was a good idea so I thanked her & asked her if I could buy her dinner, at 1st she didn't seem to sure about that but then she agreed, I said great & told her I'd drop the recording back at the Record Company and then we could go out for dinner as just planned & that's when we both left & headed for the dinner unaware of what we would find there.

Stephen pulled up around 5, luckily the entrance to the Record Company was in a discreet alley way. He wound down the window, & straight away asked if he got the money, see that's the one thing I liked about Stephen he was always upfront about things no matter what or where he was, it was a shame I had to kill him but it was necessary & he now was a part of my final plan.

I gave him the money with the right hand £40 short in a brown paper bag as I planned earlier that day to do & when he noticed I immediately apologised & put my right hand in my coat pocket with £40 in & gave it to him. Then while he added the money into the paper bag & was distracted by it I pulled out my knife with the left hand & slit his neck. Blood flew all over the steering wheel & he tried his best to cover the bleeding but it was all too late & he died a not very nice death at all while I went around to the other side of the car, opened the car door & took the supplies he was bringing me, he really shouldn't leave his passenger door open or meet guys down alleys, serves him right. Next was Hayley before my special guests arrived in the next few hours.

Chapter 7: All Goes Out The Window

We pulled up to the Record Company entrance around half 7 ish. Layla said she wanted to come up also & not wait alone so I said fine & we both got out of the car & that's when I noticed the car parked in front of us had it's driver side window down, as we passed the car I heard her scream & turned to look & was nearly sick right there & then. Inside the car there was a man body sitting there with blood everywhere.

I instinctively headed inside pulling her along with me & locked the doors. I called out to Haley but she didn't reply & wasn't at her desk. Where the hell was she? I called out again while Layla used her phone to call the police. I told her to stay there as I checked the ground floor. It was at that moment I noticed the lift was on Level 2, she must be upstairs I thought & was relieved but still anxious something may have happened to her or someone else was in there with us.

While Layla gave the police details I told her I'd just check upstairs quickly. I called the lift & entered it & when the doors opened I walked down towards my office but I then noticed I could hear the wind outside & as I turned into my office I noticed my chair as facing the empty window, I instinctively & stupidly reached over my desk & spun it around & to my horror Haley was in the chair with her throat sliced just like the guy downstairs!

I rushed out of my office & entered the lift not noticing the top part of the lift was slightly opened, at this point it opened fully & someone jumped down on top of me, I hit the floor hard & it all went dark & hazy before the darkness.

I did it, I had him exactly where I wanted him but yet now wasn't the time for him to die. I put him in one of the corners of the lift where no one would see him when the doors opened & then left him a note in his pocket for what to do next if he wanted to see his latest signing again. As the doors I opened I saw her shock at my appearance but I quickly explained to her that my name was Joe & I also work here, I had just started the previous day & (Boss name) had told me to come & wait for her with the police.

That's when she told me the police would be here in 5 minutes. I moved fast then & got behind the lady before putting a knife to her throat & telling her to hurry outside with me & get in the car, she complied & then we left with her as frightened as anything I'd ever seen, the dumb bimbo I thought as I smiled & could just wait now for him to get up, get my note & meet me for our last encounter.

Chapter 8: Rush Hours

I woke up with people shouting at me from all directions. 1st I noticed the paramedics then the police or people who said they were police. They wanted to know who the dead person in the building & the person in the car were. I told them about Haley & that I didn't know who the guy was outside or the person who attacked me was. It as then I checked my pockets for my phone & found the note.


That's all I needed, was I about to be a hero a good guy for once in my life? Yes I was. I told the paramedic I was okay & as soon as the policeman went around the front desk I went out of the back & luckily hailed a cab on the main road, I told him the address & I was on my way.

The bitch wouldn't be quiet I finally had enough & struck her once, it was all it needed. 118 Lowfield Avenue was just around the corner. I parked the car up & told her to get out, she did as she was told & didn't run, probably in shock about what just took place. I walked up to the front door of the house & rang the bell, my dear mum answered the door, looked at me, then the girl & was just about to say something to her when I told her who she was & said can we come in. She of course let us in & it now turned into a waiting game to see if he would arrive or not.

Chapter 9: The Truth Hurts

I saw that the cab had just turned onto Lowfield Avenue so I asked the driver to drop me off here, he parked up & I paid him before looking for the house number 118. I was at number 100 so I walked down further & soon came across the house, this was the moment of truth & to find out what the deaths were upon my life in the last couple of days & I was more then a little nervous as I walked up to the door & rang the doorbell.

The door bell rung. I stood behind the door so he wouldn't be able to see me as he entered when my mum got the door for him. I then struck him down to the floor & tied his hands behind his back & then dragged him into the front room where I already had the woman tied up & ready for what was about to happen next.

When he woke I told him about why I committed my crimes, I told him just like woman he signed my sister up at a young age, offered her the World just so he could make money but then when she got addicted to the drugs where was he? Nowhere was the answer, he was nowhere, he let my sister die right there & then, if only he would have said something to me or mum we could have helped her, instead it was a secret he didn't want getting out.

I let the woman go & told her to call the cops. I watched her leave petrified still even after she went out of the room & then I slashed the guys throat once. It was over for him, I got revenge for my sisters death. My life too was over, I felt no remorse for my actions & I really didn't care anymore.
Chapter 10: Deserved Death?

I was about to die because of what I did to his sister many years ago, I wasn't sorry for it back then but I choose not to beg for my life. Instead I accepted my fate & as he struck me across the throat with his knife I thought about the thing that was missing in my life, it still didn't come to me, maybe was the silence & darkness that my death would bring to me.

He slowly died as I watched, the woman now all but probably running to the nearest house with someone in to inform the police of what would be happening right now & the 3 murders I had committed beforehand. I was glad it was over. Sure enough I had made his life hell in the last couple of days. I went upstairs to my sisters old room & took a syringe with the drugs I had bought the other day before stabbing myself with it. My mum had always been quite strong & when my sister died she kept us together, she understood what I did & accepted my fate because I'm sure she didn't want to see me rot inside a prison. Goodbye World.

The End..........

Can I be honest? At about Chapter 6 I really didn't like the nameless main character at all. He was an idiot so I changed the ending. The killer got his twisted revenge. Very often does the bad guy win & I've always liked films where that happens.

I know that caused my poor/rushed ending but meh.

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