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It's not London I hate, I LOVE London, its all the fuckwits I meet on the way! First of all I get on the 07.02 from Sam's Essex Patch to London and the silence is normally broken by a loud Essex Estuary twang being yelled down a mobile phone at no doubt another Essex wideboy at the other end discussing how much they 'laaaaarged it up' in Bas Vegas last night and how they should never have had 'those well dodgy kebabs'! You're telling me, I can still smell your 'well dodgy' kebab on your 'well minging' beery breath! So I hunt around in my handbag for my headphones in the hopes I can drown out this mind dumbing conversation with my iPhone tunes..... so...errr...where are my fucking headphones!?!?!? Great, now I have a 2 hour journey to London with NO music and fucking GAVIN or LIAM or whatever his stupid name is over there waffling into his phone for the next hour till I get to Fenchurch! Oh, fucking JOY!

So I get off at Fenchurch feeling as though being forced to listen to GAVIN/LIAM has somehow depleted my own IQ and about as cheerful as that bit of soggy post-clubbing kebab lettuce thats stuck in between his two front teeth and make my way to the tube, where along the way I am dodging those fucking annoying free newspaper dudes who try to knock you out with a City AM as you pass them...."FUCK OFF". In between ducking and diving these newspaper arseholes I also have to negotiate my way around cocknobbers who decide to stop dead in front of you as you're walking and block up the street in groups of between 5-205, these people normally have backpacks on, are clutching mahoooosive cameras and are touristic in nature.... c**ts!

When I finally get to the tube the platform is packed out and I let a coupe of trains go but finally I make it to the front of the platform and await the next train, which I am BOUND to get on.... of course as soon as the train arrives nobjockeys seem to emerge from the very masonry of the station itself and I am being bounced out of the way by some fat businessman's arse!! Grrrrr!!!!!

By the time I get off the tube, having endured 20 mins of being pressed up against the aforementioned fat businessman, I feel as though we should be swapping numbers - I feel violated I tell you! morning started off as well as it ever is yours?
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Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:19 am  carl


I have to do the same pretty much - train in from colchester to liverpool street however I just completely switch off and have headphones on. I never want to hear a word from anyone from leaving my house to getting to my desk. Like you, I can't stand being slowed down by anyone. I'm lucky in that I don't have to use the tube though.

If I don't have my iPod to listen to I will go feral and start stabbing people's faces off.

I even have a spare iPod and headphones in case my current one dies.

I know what you mean about the pervy suits - I immensely enjoy watching them ooogle all the time and just stare at them in the face with a questionable look. The way some of them double take when a 'honey' goes past and end up clattering into you. Cnuts.

I'll wave at you when I walk past Fenchurch in future!

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Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:32 am  SamFromTheEssex

A second iPod eeehhhhh??? Sounds like a bloody good plan after the morning I've had... I can't take it...2 hours with no moosikz! Arrrgh...

Ooh make sure you do wave as you go past!!! I'll be the one beating a City AM distributor to death with my shoe!!! x

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:14 am  carl

hope your commute was better today.

good news - thelondonpaper has folded 1 less person to dodge every 5 meters!

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:15 am  SamFromTheEssex

It was okaaaaay! Left extra, extra early today so it was pretty quiet! Lovely!

Yeah, heard about TLP - ha! Still, there'll alwayts be some other numpty trying to swat me with some next rubbish!! Rolling Eyes

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